From Eighties Orange to Country Chic- Custom Rolling Cart Makeover- Part 1

Hi ya’ll!  I’m so excited because today I am featuring the first furniture makeover on my blog and it’s a doozy.  I actually completed this project last year.  At the time, it was only the second chalk paint project I had ever done and the first time I had mashed up two pieces to create a new piece with a new purpose.

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Behold these two beauties- solid oak end tables gleaming with the oh so typical eighties orange stain.  I got these last spring in a bundle with another side table and coffee table for only $18 at an estate sale!  That means they were technically less than $5 each- can’t beat that deal!

Step (1) Before Pictures They were solid and in excellent condition, but I was definitely not in love with the stain color.  Eighties orange certainly doesn’t scream farmhouse so I figured they were an excellent candidate for chalk paint.  My husband hauled them home for me and then they sat in my garage for months while I contemplated what I was going to do with them (with two under two running around at home and the explosion of baby items and toddler toys that had taken over our living room, I really didn’t have any space for two end tables).

During those two months, I decided that I was also going to learn how to sew (you’ll see this is something that happens quite often around our house.  I’m always coming up with some new technique or skill I want to take on, you know in all my copious amounts of free time haha).

Anyway, I bought a sewing machine (this one here– I love it! Great machine for beginners particularly those who don’t like to read directions like myself. 😉).  It took up residence at our already crowded kitchen table for a few weeks before the organizing bug hit me and I decided it was both an eye sore and a space hog.  This also happens a lot at my house- I go on a tirade at least once a week reorganizing everything and lamenting over how “messy” the house is. (Side note: it is never that messy- God bless my husband for dealing with me- he’s a saint.)

So, it was during one such tirade that I decided I needed a mobile cart for my sewing machine.  Not wanting to buy something, I immediately went to the garage to examine my pile of goodies (furniture, reclaimed wood, wood scraps, etc. etc.).  I caught sight of the eighties orange and the idea hit me- why not put wheels on the bottom of one of them??  It the midst of pulling one from the pile, I decided to try to attach them together somehow since I really wasn’t sure what I would eventually do with one random end table.  Plus, I liked the idea of having two storage drawers instead of just one.

I sketched out my plan (I do that a lot) and presented the idea to the hubs.  You see, last year, I had not yet faced my fear of power tools- more specifically power saws- so I was going to need his help.

First, we cut off the bottom sections of the legs on one of the tables using our miter saw (had I left these on, the table would have been too tall to sit and work at).

Step (2) JPEG

Then, we cut off the legs on the other table.  We didn’t just remove them because I needed a solid area to attach the wheels to.

Step (3) JPEG

Here’s my pile of table leg scraps- you can bet I’m saving these- you never know when they might come in handy. 😊

Step (4) JPEG

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of this next step (there’s a hand drawn picture below, but you may need to use your imagination a bit).  I removed the tops of the legs on the second table (these pieces here). They were attached to the table base with bolts.

Table Leg Tops

Then I placed the table base upside down on the legs of the other end table (this is where my diagram may come in handy) and used two 2-inch self tapping screws and my husband’s Makita drill to attach the table top to each leg.  Self tapping screws are great because you typically do not need to pre-drill (timesaver! yay!) and they are usually self-countersinking meaning that the head of the screw will drill down into the wood instead of sticking up out of it.  This was important for my use because I needed a flat surface in order to reattach the cut table legs back onto the base.

Kate's Diagram1

I reattached the table leg pieces back to the bottom table top and then attached the wheels using basic 1-inch screws (two per wheel).

Here she is all put together and ready for paint. 😊 You’ll notice that the knobs on the drawers are missing.  I’m not a big fan of wooden knobs so I removed them and will be replacing them with something a bit more unique after paint.

Step (5) JPEG

And, here’s a closeup of the wheels I added to the base.  I bought these from Home Depot, but you can find a similar set here.


You can’t really tell from the background, but I moved her down into my workshop (in the unfinished part of our basement)- that’s where I do the majority of my painting mostly because its quiet and much warmer than the garage in the wintertime. Hehe  I lovingly call this place the “She Shop.”  If you’ve never heard of a She Shop, it’s probably because I made the term up- at least I think I did.  She Sheds; however, are becoming really popular.  If you look them up on Pinterest, do so at your own risk.  I already have at least 5 design ideas for building one someday (shhh…don’t tell my hubby).

I’ll be back Friday to share my chalk paint and dry brushing tutorial as well as the final reveal of this country chic rolling cart.

No need to wait! See the big reveal here!

I normally would prefer to complete an entire project start to finish in one blog post, but this one was getting pretty long- told you it was a doozy. 😊

In the meantime, what pieces do you have around your house that you could mash up into something new? I’d love to hear your ideas/thoughts/questions/you name it below.  Talk to you soon!

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