Hanging Pineapple Succulent Planters

Hi ya’ll! Today’s makeover is definitely one of my more out-of-the-box transformations.  It required a little extra imagination, but I’m loving how it turned out.

If you were with me on Tuesday this week, then you’ll remember this cute little set of wooden pineapple bowls.

(Before) Pineapple

I picked this entire set up from our local Goodwill store for only $5!  I NEVER pass up wooden bowls when I see them.  They are so easy to repurpose in a variety of ways.  These little pineapple bowls threw me off a bit, but since pineapple décor is coming back in style and is essential in primitive designs, I tossed the whole lot of them in my cart.

The larger bowl had this maker’s tag on it.

Makers Mark

I love when my finds include maker’s marks.  It is so fun to research where they came from.  These bowls are from a Philippine company who specializes in woodcrafts.  A quick google image search showed tons of other wooden bowls, serving trays and trinket boxes.

My inspiration for this makeover came from the succulent trend that’s sweeping through the home accent aisles of nearly every store in the country.  They’re a great way to add some greenery to your space.  I prefer artificial ones since my batting average for keeping plants alive is pretty much zero.  I was on a search for said plants when I came across these on Amazon. (You’ll soon find that I love love love Amazon- talk about a busy mom’s dream come true.  Search, click, buy now and tada, it’s on your doorstep in two days!)

Pinapple Inspiration

Potted Succulent

Hanging Planter Inspiration

Ceramic Hanging Planters

I loved the idea of hanging planters, especially ones that were flush to the wall, and the little potted pineapple was adorable.  It was that little pineapple that reminded me of my wooden pineapple bowls.  I decided to merge the two ideas into a hanging pineapple planter.

I chose three of the smaller pineapple bowls to transform.  I love odd numbers in design and I’m a big fan of The Rule of Three.  The Rule of Three basically says that things arranged in odd numbers, particularly in groups of three, are more appealing and memorable.  The same rule can also be applied to the number of colors, patterns, textures or fabrics in a room.

I started by drilling a hole in each side of the pineapple.  These holes are where I eventually attached a piece of this burlap rope for hanging.

Burlap Rope

I drilled a 11/64 inch pilot hole first (usually I refer to this as pre-drilling) and followed with a 5/16 inch drill bit to enlarge the hole a smidge wider than the thickness of my rope.

I used my trusty Dewalt Drill and new Dewalt Black Oxide Drill Bits for this step.  I’ve always thought drill bits were a dime a dozen until I bought these- I love them.  They’re sharp, precise and don’t seem to splinter the wood as much as others I’ve used.  Pre-drilling also helps with splintering.  It’s a necessity when drilling through hardwoods that are prone to cracking.  I also always pre-drill when I’m working with an unknown wood.

Drilling the holes

I painted the pineapples with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Violet (visit www.anniesloan.com for a retailer near you or purchase from Amazon here). Old Violet is more blue than purple and I thought it offered an unexpected twist with a nice pop of color.

Old Violet Paint

I distressed the painted pineapples on the edges using my medium grit Annie Sloan Sanding Sponge.

Then sealed with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

All Waxed

Now it was time to add the rocks and succulents.  I found single artificial succulents on sale at my local Dollar Tree (I bought about 25 of them in varying styles and sizes).  I also found these great sets on Amazon that I plan to order for my next project.

Amazon Succulents (1)

Artificial Succulents

Amazon Succulents (2)

Artificial Succulents in Flocked Green

I also found a bag of small black rocks at Dollar Tree, but you could get them from any craft store or even on Amazon (although the ones I found on there did seem a bit expensive).

I attached the rocks to the pineapple first using my battery powered Ryobi glue gun.  This thing is incredible.  I use glue guns for so many craft projects and I’ve always been tethered by a chord or had to dangerously link several extensive chords together to give myself some mobility (talk about a trip hazard and with an inquisitive toddler running around, it was a burn hazard too).  The Ryobi glue gun heats up quickly and the battery lasts for at least a solid hour of gluing.

Attaching Stones

I attached the rocks haphazardly so it would look like they just spilled out naturally in the pineapple.  Then I cut the stems off the succulents and glued them in as well.

Succulents & Rocks

After that, I cut three equal length pieces of burlap rope (approximately 10 inches long).  I tied an overhand knot in one end and then fed the rope from the inside of the pineapple through one of the holes I previously drilled.  Then I fed the rope from the outside of the pineapple through the other hole and tied an overhand knot.

Tied Hanging Rope

Here’s the trio all finished…

After Photo

After Photo DetailsAfter Photo Details (2)

I love how they turned out- such a cute twist on a hanging succulent planter and since they’re artificial, no water or green thumb required (lucky for me 😉).

Here’s a recap…

Recap Illustrator FIle (Blog Optimized)

Enjoy your weekend. It’s going to be rainy here, but that will give me lots of time to work on some new projects to share with you.  See you Tuesday!

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