She Shop Shape Up

Hi ya’ll! How was your weekend? I’ve been crazy busy the last few days.  My first show is officially less than 3 weeks away and I’ve been building, staining, painting, sanding, stenciling and waxing like mad in preparation.

Our sweet little town in northern Maryland hosts The Belle Aire Market the second Sunday of each month from Spring through Fall.  If you live close, please come visit me on June 10, 9am to 2pm!

Bel Air Mural

Belle Aire Market2We’ve been to the market many times and are always impressed by the craftsmanship and artistry of the vendors.  It’s such an honor to be a part of it this year.  I am beyond excited.

Kate Thumbs Up

This is my excited face.  Admittedly, my excitement in this photo is actually over my new work apron- an awesome Target find from Hearth & Home by Magnolia. *Sigh* I pretty much love all things Johanna & Chip Gaines. Let’s have a moment of silence for Fixer Upper. *Tear* 😥

Fixer Upper

Anyhow, with all this show preparation, the She Shop has pretty much turned into a disorganized disaster.  If you read my 1st Post, then you know I’m a perfectionist and along with that comes an intense love of organization.

Because I work full time and have two rambunctious little ladies at home to take care of, my DIY time is limited to about 2-3 hours a night after they’ve gone to bed.  I’ve learned to multitask like a champ grouping my projects by material (wood/metal/etc.), finishes (stain/chalk paint/spray paint), final paint color and quick versus multistep transformations.  Then, I work on several projects at once (this may be why I sometimes forget to take pictures of every step).

Behold my mess!


All that stacked furniture is actually in my garage but is still a contributing factor to my lack of organization anxiety.  Can you just imagine if all that was in the She Shop too?? I wouldn’t have any room to work!

After spending a week working in that disaster, I finely snapped last night and went on a cleaning and reorganizing rampage.  I cleaned off my workbench and put everything back into my (new) toolbox. (Hubby bought that thing for me and it has been a godsend!)


Then I put away all the forgotten finds I wouldn’t have a chance to makeover before the show and combined my work in progress pieces and upcoming projects onto one table.  Now I finally have space to walk!

She Shop Organization Table 1

I didn’t make it to the garage, but that’s a task for another day.

Sadly, because my obsession with organization overtook me, I don’t have a full blown makeover for you today.  Instead I’m sharing a few transformation photos of projects I recently completed.  Remember how I said I always forget to take progress photos?  These are all those projects that only ever got a before and after photo.  Hope you enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by and I promise to be back Friday with a brand new project!

blog signature (black ink)- actual size

Before After CabinetBefore After Pineapple LampBefore After Pillar CandlestickBefore After Wooden BoxBefore After TrayBefore After CandlesticksBefore After Drawer



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