A Simple Halloween Craft- Plan B

Hi ya’ll!  The last time we talked, I promised you a cute little Halloween crafty project (and also a DIY Board & Batten Tutorial…which I swear I will post soon).  You would’ve seen my Halloween project already but things didn’t quite go as planned…as occasionally happens in the world of DIY.  I always want to be completely honest on my blog, so I will be the first to tell you that this was not one of my best planned or executed projects.

I found these cute little house bud vases at our local thrift store.

Original Photo

They are actually part of the Hearth and Home with Magnolia brand at Target.  Earlier this year, I ooo’d and ahh’d over them in the store, but never actually bought any.  As luck would have it, our local thrift store snaps up all of Target’s overflow and I found nearly a dozen of these in all sizes there (actually, I found one and then my awesome hubby found a bunch more scattered all over the store).  I bought them all!  At the time I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but they were adorable and the price was right.

Earlier last month while perusing my stash in the garage, an idea finally hit me.  With a little paint and some cute orange and black sprigs, I thought they would make a cool addition to my Halloween décor as mini haunted houses.  I choose one of each size and here’s how they turned out.


Now you’re probably wondering, I thought she said “a little paint?”  Well, I did go the paint route at first.  I thought it would great to paint little pumpkins along the bases and ghosts creeping out of the windows.  I had two small sample jars of Fusion Mineral Paint in white and orange that I thought would be perfect.  Instinctively, I prepped the houses with a good soapy water cleaning and then for a split-second thought, I should probably coat these with Fusion Ultra Grip first.

(NOTE: I know I haven’t discussed Fusion Mineral Paint on my blog before  and, honestly, its because I’ve only recently fallen in love with it and am perfecting my technique before I share all the ins and outs with you.  I’ll have all those details soon enough, but what you need to know for this little story is that Fusion needs Ultra Grip to adhere to stubborn surfaces like laminate, glass, etc.)

Cleaning Houses

These little houses were stoneware…a material I now know for certain is included in the stubborn surfaces list.  I was eager to get started so decided to forgo the Ultra Grip and move forward with painting.  Big mistake!  First of all it took about a zillion coats to get full coverage of the orange and white over the black house.  After days of applying coat after coat and allowing it to fully dry, guess what happened?  All of the paint peeled right off.  Yep, clean off.  I wish I had photos but, full disclosure here, I was pretty irritated (and the pregnancy hormones were not helping 😉) so I grumped, groaned, cursed a little and chucked them onto the table in the SheShop.  Cue the loving husband who cleaned off the rest of paint and got them ready for my plan B.

I found these adhesive wooden pumpkins in the Target dollar aisles.  Oooo, I love this section of Target- none of my shopping trips are complete without a quick perusal through them.  Buyer beware though- if you venture in, you will definitely buy something. 😊

Adhesive Wooden Pumpkins

Because they’re adhesive, it was incredibly easy to test my design plan on each house before securely adhering them in place with my hot glue gun.

Pumpkin LayoutThe Best Glue Gun EVER

P.S. this is the best hot glue gun I have EVER had (and I’ve had quite a few).  First of all, it’s battery powered so no more chords to fuss with. Oot oot!  Secondly, it gets hot- really hot- really fast so no waiting around to use it when an idea strikes.

Once I had all the pumpkins glued securely in place, I added the orange and black sprigs (I found these at A.C. Moore in their Halloween aisle).


And, voila!

Final Photo 4Final Photo 3Final Photo 2

I actually like how these turned out even better than if I’d used paint- the layered wooden pumpkins add so much texture.  Talk about making lemonade out of lemons.  Erica liked them too- she was my little DIY partner in crime this past weekend.

Erica 1Erica 2

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another fall inspired crafty project and the board & batten tutorial.

Until then, remember: sometimes your first idea won’t work out but don’t discount plan B- it may turn out even better than you imagined.

Keep creating!

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